The school started out in a small building on Blair Atholl Estate in 1990. In 2005 it was moved to a newly build school on Lindley property, across the main road from Blair Atholl Estate, with four spacious classrooms, which was a first for the Grade R learners, who previously occupied a passageway for their classroom.

We have 125 learners from the ages of 3 to 6. The school has five classrooms of 25 children each with a qualified teacher per class and one assistant teacher who divide her time between the classes.

The school offers a feeding scheme, which provides the children with two meals a day.

An educational programme is followed every day, to prepares the learners for entry into Grade 1 and formal learning – this is very important, as learners receive little to no stimulation at home. Our 5 and 6 year olds take part in computer lessons and ball skills on the school premises each week.

Parents pay a fee for schooling, this is very important, as it puts a value to their education.

Learners are mostly from surrounding informal settlements, with a few living on surrounding farms and smallholdings. Often single parents.

Over the years, the school has been able to identify learners with special needs and refer them to schools that suit them better and so avoid getting them lost in the normal classroom environment, hearing impaired, intellectually challenged and counselling with qualified psychologist.

Our learners become top achievers in Primary School. The school also offers practical training and support to those interested in becoming pre-primary teachers.